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Another afternoon fill-in for the Hey Man...this week I focused on BASKETBALL.

 On the show this week:

  • Yahoo Answers
  • On This Day in History: February 28th
  • 'El Julio's Musical Party'
  • Dunk Contest Recap
  • and a whole bunch of other junk...




Barry De Vorzon

The Warriors (Original Movie Soundtrack)

Baseball Furies Chase

Naughty By Nature

19 Naughty III

Hip Hop Hooray

Jason Kidd & Money-B

B-Ball's Best Kept Secret

What the Kidd Didd

Hip Hop Basketball Genie

B-Ball's Best Kept Secret

Hip Hop Basketball Genie

Shaquille O'Neal & Ill Al Skratch

B-Ball's Best Kept Secret

Mic Check 1-2

Dilated Peoples

Expansion Team

Live On Stage

Bill Cosby

Inside The Mind Of Bill Cosby

The Invention Of Basketball

JP Inc.

An Album of Distinction

Hoops & Heels (Billie Hardwood)

De La Soul

The Impossible: Mission TV Series: Pt. 1

Just Havin' A Ball




Cheech & Chong

Los Cochinos

Basketball Jones

Charles Bradley

No Time For Dreaming

The World (Is Going Up In Flames)

male nurse

a song a day for a year

your only one (steve adamyk cover)

mouth / grime kings


coming soon steely dan 2

The White Wires


Did You Forget My Name

Joel Plaskett Emergency

Ashtray Rock

Drunk Teenagers

Jackie Davis

Ultra-Lounge Volume Eleven - Organs In Orbit

Love Is Just Around The Corner

Alexander All Band


Isikebe Siwile



No te metas a mi facebook


Canciones Para Negociar

Barco De Rio

The Roots

Home Grown: Guide to Understanding the Roots Volume Two

The Seed/Melting Pot/Web

Canadian content

New release /


Here's an afternoon fill-in I did for The Hey Man while he was off on vacation!

January 31st is National Gorilla Suit Day! We kicked things off addressing some questions on YahooAnswers, ranging from the possibility of humans and apes interbreeding, to how to pursue a platonic friendship with a gorilla.

In the News, I took a lot at Rob Ford's latest weight loss, Newt Gingrich's plans for a moon base, and Joe Paterno's death.

Also on the show:

  • Name That Firearm
  • On This Day in History: January 31st
  • I hit the streets to test people's hockey knowledge...
  • Moon Down Radio's Top Dog of the Month: Vermin Supreme
Artist Album Track
The Hammerheads Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter OST Stepping Out With Jesus (Instrumental) King Krule Single Rock Bottom Damu The Fudgemunk When The Winter Comes / Truly Yours 7" When The Winter Comes (f/ Buff1)
Beastie Boys The Sounds of Science Root Down
Jimmy Smith Root Down Root Down (And Get It)
Jeremy Steig Legwork Howlin' For Judy
Beastie Boys The Sounds of Science Sure Shot
Beastie Boys Sure Shot Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)
Denny McLain Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 11: Organs in Orbit The Girl from Ipanema/Meditation
Boyhood Single Roaming Rotten Grime Kings Single As You Please Mouth Could You Lie To A Camera? the way you go in / the way you go out The Steve Adamyk Band Forever Won't Wait Take It Back The Steve Adamyk Band Forever Won't Wait Landslide The Steve Adamyk Band Forever Won't Wait Bored of Love Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One Flashback Flashback (Instrumental)
Ty Segall Melted My Sunshine
The Dictators Manifest Destiny Young Fast Scientific
The Greenhornes Dual Mono It Returns
Gerty Molzen Walk On The Wild Side Walk On The Wild Side
The Hazardous Materials Made to Break Electric
Vajango Single Lotta Money Canadian content New release /

Moon Down Radio is back for it's Annual Holiday Special!!! In studio alongside Julien was BK (aka Brian O'Kay) as they played some of their favourite music from the past year.

After some initial technical difficulties, Julien got his mother and little sister Elise on the phone line for some good ole' fashion Christmas caroling. Following a heart-wrenching a cappella rendition of White Christmas song 'Snow', the whole gang played a couple rounds of 'Better Know Julien's Mother'. What would she write on her daughter's tombstone? Would she ever pull the plug on one of her children? Which one of her kids would she save on a sinking ship? Tune in and find out!

Also on the show:

  • BK's Lament and Furious Freestyles: The Do's and Do Not Do's of Hip Hop
  • Peter White reviews 'Turkish Star Wars'
  • and more holiday shit...




Clifford Brown

Clifford Brown With Strings


Grime Kings

Something Ugly

Heaviest Hands

Grime Kings

Something Ugly

I'm All Shook Up



acting mean

Grime Kings

Something Ugly

Am I Making Myself Clear?

Damu The Fudgemunk

How It Should Sound - Promo EP

Non-LP Bonus - Wonka Beat 3 (2009)

The Roots


Kool On


Tales from the Darkside

Therapy Session

9th Wonder

The Wonder Years

Now I'm Being Cool

Damu The Fudgemunk


LB (Extended Mix)

Canadian content

New release


Check out Brian's hockey podcast over at

and Free Association on alternating Monday afternoons from 3-4PM on 93.1FM. /


This is the last episode of Moon Down Radio for some time! I'm waiting for a new time slot, catching some rays, and doing other important work...such as catching rays.

For the last and (possibly) final episode of Moon Down Radio, Brian Kay AKA the BK AKA Be Kalm, joined me in studio! 90% of this episode revolved around whether or not Julien could find a date, and maybe true love, on the website

Brian had complete control over Julien's profile, and contacted different girls throughout the night...we even managed to get a girl off PlentyOfFish to call in...did Julien charm her with his cunning wit? Or did he blow it completely? Download the show and find out!

Also on the show:

Artist Album Track
Tigre Benvie Mistiness I Swore An Oath Keith Mansfield All You Need Is Keith Mansfield Am I The Same Girl (Soulful Strut)
Billy Preston The Kids & Me Nothing from Nothing
Irma Thomas Straight From The Soul Two Winters Long
The Roots Do You Want More?!!!??! Mellow My Man
Pigmeat Markham Here Come The Judge Here Come The Judge
Jim Guthrie A Thousand Songs Trust Pavement Westing (By Musket and Sextant) Debris Slide
Sloan Twice Removed People Of The Sky Joel Plaskett Down At The Khyber True Patriot Love Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth The Main Ingredient Tell Me
Canadian content New release

Tonight's episode featured Rory Kyte, lead singer/song-writer from the band Mouth.

We talked about a whole bunch of stuff, so make sure you download the podcast and check it out!

Also, Rory revealed that the band's next album will be coming out on January 1st, 2012 (mark your calendars!), and highly recommended you check out his pal Mike Faires:

Artist Album Track
Ty Segall Melted Girlfriend
Mouth Single head made of lead (prelude) Mouth Single head made of lead Mouth Could You Lie to a Camera? feel at odds Flying Burrito Brothers The Gilded Palace of Sin Wheels
Mike Faires Wreckroom Diners Lori Stevie Wonder Signed, Sealed & Delivered Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
The Stranglers La Folie Golden Brown
Portishead Dummy Glory Box
Massive Attack Collected Live with Me
Mouth Could You Lie to a Camera? he looked just like me Mouth Single harem scarem Shredder Single Heat DJ Shadow Endtroducing Best Foot Forward
DJ Shadow Endtroducing Building Steam With A Grain Of Sand
Canadian content New release

Download Mouth's music for free at and join their facebook fanpage:


Tonight was Adam's final appearance on the show. Most of the show's talk revolved around why this was happening, but we also found time to reminisce over nights gone by and play a few segments from past episodes including:

  • Adam Norton vs. Tim Wong - Rap Battle
  • The Adventures of Lethargy Man & Internet Kid
  • Adam Sings in the Car!?!

Also, Cici called in several times to play Who's Got the Mustard?, Darcy called in to defend Adam, and Julien played audio of John vomiting.

Artist Album Track
Wire Chairs Missing I Am The Fly
Sarah Kuri Single Run Redman Whut? Thee Album Time 4 Sum Aksion
MC Face Not The Green Tom Show Jiffy Pop Tha Alkaholiks Coast II Coast DAAAM!
Canadian content New release

Despite a few technical gaffes, my little sister joined me in studio, all the way from Toronto. We started off with A Piece of Elise. Adam called in from Georgetown to tell us how his wisdom teeth surgery went, and we played his wonderful cover version of 'Creep'.

Brian K, the BKay, dropped in for the second half of the show as we discussed Plenty Of Fish, Randy "Macho Man" Savage's rap album, and the reason why me and my sister no longer sleep in the same bedroom.

Also on the show:

  • Elise sings along with Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas'
  • Noize Productions is in the hizz-ouse! DJ Mashup: Moldy Peaches vs. Jay-Z
  • YO! Elise Raps!
  • Julien recounts the time he tried to give away his hair and toenail clippings on the air...
  • and a bunch of other crap...
Artist Album Track
Jay-Z The Black Album 99 Problems
Placebo Without You I'm Nothing Pure Morning
Toploader Onka's Big Moka Dancing in the Moonlight
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah Single Notorious (Remix) (f/ Kardinal, Shad & Skillz) Shad Single Yaa I Get It (Muneshine Remix) The Moldy Peaches The Moldy Peaches Anyone Else but You
Canadian content New release

This week things are gettin' WEIRD.

On August 13th, 2011, the show officially turned two years old. Adam brought cake, and presents, including a Justin Bieber poster for Julien! Sweet.

Off the top, we learned A Little Bit About Jake, and talked about Adam's latest standup appearance, including impressions you won't hear on stage!

Jake and Adam squared off in the First Annual Porno Debates: Do computer technicians/wizards look at your porn while fixing your computer?

  •  Jake argued that finding porn on someone's computer is a great way to blackmail someone.
  • Adam revealed that he has a decoy porn folder, and his real porn folder contains bondage shit.
  • Julien declared Jake the winner.

We also discussed in detail the gruesome rape/murders committed by Ottawa's own Robert Poulin back in 1975. 

Also on the show:

  • Jake reviews the second episode of Jersey Shore in Italy
  • Mr. Dress-Down
  • More Embarrassing Moments with Julien & Adam (and Jake): Urine, funerals, and Adam eats duct tape.
  • Adam gets picked up by the 5-0, and is obsessed with people's height.
Artist Album Track
Thrush Hermit Clayton Park Before You Leave Pavement Quarantine the Past: The Best of Pavement Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)
Thrush Hermit Sweet Homewrecker At My Expense Silversun Pickups Carnavas Lazy Eye
The Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 1979
Canadian content /

Julien and Adam hit the airwaves again, along with guest-announcer Tim Wong!

We kicked things off by playing audio tape of Adam Norton's recent appearance on MDR Cribs. Tim kept score as we counted the number of times Adam said "Check it!", "Yeah!", and "Applesauce!".

We also played an interview with local band 'hotshotcasino'. Make sure to check to download their brand new 7" single (Kids) FOR FREE!!!

Also on the show:

  • Tim reviews last week episode the Jersey Shore
  • Smoking PSA
  • UK Riots Street Sale
  • Another Embarrassing Moment with Julien & Adam (& Tim)
  • Spy Kids 4-D Preview
  • UFO Guy believes in UFOs
  • Adam vs Tim Wong Rap Battle
  • Erotic Balkan Sex Rituals
Artist Album Track
Snoop Doggy Dogg Tha Dogg - Best Of The Works Murder Was The Case
hotshotcasino Single Sounds Like You Look Good hotshotcasino Single I'll let you know [Extended Version] hotshotcasino Playing Slow (Kids) Kids Does It Offend You, Yeah? You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into... Battle Royale
hotshotcasino Single This city Shad The New North Flawless (Prod. by Frank Dukes) Ty Segall Melted Imaginary Person
Biglight Single Plaything Caylie Runciman Single cry baby feels better Mouth Single Time After Time David Bowie David Bowie Space Oddity
Canadian content New release

This week, Julien's playing Bingo on the air! You can play along too, just go to - hit 'Random Numbers' - and you can print out your own bingo cards!

No four corners bullshit, only lines, no Ns, or 3rd line horizontal because of the free square, ya heard? 

Off the top we heard some vox-pop on the recent Vancouver riots, and spoke with a carny from Calgary!

We learned all about the carny code: Such as, who to buy your weed from, when to go on the rides, and how to run a killer a bingo tent!

Also, another interview with Tom Green! Check out for Standup Tour Dates near you, and follow Tom on twitter @tomgreenlive

Artist Album Track
Mr Oizo & Gaspard Augé Rubber (Original Soundtrack) Tricycle Express
Lee Rosevere B.A.M. Alley Rumble Young-Holt Unlimited Plays Super Fly Freddie's Dead
Curits Mayfield Super Fly Freddie's Dead
New Birth Birth Day I Can Understand It
The Inbreds Kombinator Any Sense Of Time OK Go Single The Greatest Song I Ever Heard Thrush Hermit Clayton Park Oh My Soul! The Steve Adamyk Band The Steve Adamyk Band Not For Long Flashlight Brown My Degeneration Go And Die Mr Oizo & Gaspard Augé Rubber (Original Soundtrack) Le Caoutchouc
Canadian content New release

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